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Expired listings are one of the core sources of business for nearly every top listing team. So why do so many agents struggle to convert them while a select few seem to dominate the space? The answer is all about working smarter and having a multi-layered strategy for maximum exposure and conversion. This course will hand you the keys to that strategy. We'll dive deep into every component of the multi-channel approach used by top listing teams to create more conversations with expired sellers and demonstrate the compelling unique value proposition that will set you apart from the rest of the field, get you in more doors, and close more deals. The best part is this system takes little more effort than the average agent is already dedicating to expireds, but will create MASSIVE results in immediate fashion. This course will fundamentally transform your business.


Prepare yourself. This course is not for the feint of heart. Over twelves hours of video lessons diving deep into every persuasion of the most comprehensive expired strategy you'll find anywhere.

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As communication styles and technology change, effective strategies are required to adapt. This course is constantly updated to keep up with what's working right now.

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