You Don't Need More Leads

Oct 21, 2019

I was a groomsman at a wedding over the weekend. Standing by the alter I scanned  the pews, trying not to lock my knees as I waited for the officiant to finish so we could all clap and cheer and scramble to the bar. I started picking out people in the crowd that I had done a transaction with. I was shocked by the amount of money I had made just from the people in that room. I've always considered my sphere to be the largest opportunity for improvement in my business. Even still, it was amazing how much real estate I had sold to a room full of people gathered for a single particular occasion. It put the shear scale  of opportunity that's out there for us on full display.

I, like most realtors, have always struggled to get up the motivation to lead gen from my sphere on a regular basis. I'd always rather prospect cold than talk to people I already know. Maybe it's fear of judgement, maybe it's feeling like I'm coming off desperate, I'm really not sure. But I do know I've left hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table because of it. 

See, the average real estate professional simply doesn't have a lead problem. They want to believe they do so they can try to solve it. Whether that's with a shiny new toy, more cold-calling, open houses, whatever it is. But the truth is, every agent's production is going  to be directly correlated to how well they work their sphere of influence. And if that workload is light, I can guarantee your pockets are too.

It's unavoidable, so embrace it. The majority of people you should be working with are ones that already know you, or know of you through someone you do know. So if you want to grow your business, try concentrating less on generating leads and more on building relationships. 



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