You Cannot Succeed Without Doing This First...

Jun 02, 2020

I have a theory, which is conveyed in one form or another, at every team meeting, mastermind, one-on-one etc., with our agent partners. That is "If you can speak English and type on a computer, you can sell real estate."

It really is that simple. So why do 87% of agents not make it past their first year in the business? Why are so many of us constantly riding an emotional roller coaster that inevitably ends with us exiting stage left? More importantly, what is it that separates successful agents from those that can't quite make it happen?

Simple doesn't mean easy. Perhaps no distinction is more important in entrepreneurship. The fact is, simple things can hurt. They can be tough. they can require seemingly inhuman amounts of optimism, resilience and dedication.

This, I have found, seem to be the deciding factor that separates success and failure in the real estate business. Those that embrace failure, that cherish it as a learning opportunity, that understand its vital role in crafting their future success, have a tremendous advantage.

It's only natural. We're born into a society and system that decries failure. Everything from education to every day social interaction, we are not rewarded very often for our failures. No one celebrates when we come up short. So we become conditioned to avoid failure. To play it safe. To quit when the going gets tough and see our failures as a sign that things just aren't meant to be.

But not thing could be further from the truth.

Hear this. There is no element of business building more singular to a successful outcome than the acknowledgment and utilization of failure. You must fail. Every lost prospect, every broken deal, every blown appointment, they are important, necessary even, to building the skills and attitude that will bolster your ultimate success.

You are a failure - celebrate it, use it, let it fuel you. There is no shame in falling down, only in staying there.

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