Why You're Struggling to Get Things Done

Oct 01, 2019

I'm not going to repeat the same, tired adage about all of us having the same 24 hours in a  day. Yes, technically that's true. It's also decidedly untrue that we have all an equal amount of responsibility, freedom, burden, leverage, inherent talent etc., so it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to compare ourselves to others based solely on the usage of time. What I think makes more sense to discuss is the way in which elite performers maximize the time that they do have, however much that may be, by directing their focus, blocking out distraction and overcoming their insecurities to keep pushing towards their big whys.

In any industry there is a top 1% of performers. The ones that just seem to 'get it' and have a natural ability to succeed at a high level. That's not to say they don't work hard, but especially in real estate, it can be guaranteed that the amount of grinding hours put in is usually far less than the average mid-range producer would admit they have to work to come anywhere near a sniff of their goals. 

But why is that? What is it that the most successful entrepreneurs do differently to get so much further in less time? It comes down to three fundamental realties.

1. They have a deep emotional connection to their whys

This may be the purest deciding factor between success and failure. High-achievers understand their motivations entirely, and allow them to drive their day-to-day behaviors. You will rarely, if ever see high-achievers mailing it in, leaving early, making excuses or being flat out lazy. And you'll almost never see self-destructive behavior. If there's business to take care of in the morning, they're not out at the bar the night before, they're up early to get in a run before taking the world on again. 

For elite operators, there's simply too much on the line to waste time with things that don't speak to their visions. That doesn't mean they don't ever cut loose. But you can be assured that having a good time, or binge watching an entire season never take precedent over dollar productive activities.  

2. They've mastered the art of blocking out distraction

I have a mentor that is notorious for just up and leaving the table if he finds the conversation boring or unproductive. I used to think this was incredibly rude and self-serving. It took me a long time to realize that what's rude is forcing yourself to be somewhere that you don't want to be just because you don't want to risk offending someone. It's disrespectful to yourself to give up precious hours in your day to things in which you don't find value. High-achievers understand this and carry no shame for treating their time as the most important commodity they have. The movie sucks? They're gone. Bored at a party? Later. Life is simply not long enough to get to where you want to be without running the risk of being judge for making purposeful decisions about your time. Most people don't. Don't be like most people.

3. They work to expand their comfort zones

If you sell real estate and feel uncomfortable striking up a conversation with a stranger about a new neighborhood, or asking  your sphere for referrals, you have an uphill battle in front of you. According  to a New York Times article, the average income for finishers of the IRONMAN triathlon is $274,000/year. High achievers work every day to expand their comfort zones as they know it's the only way they will continue to grow. If you are constantly pushing yourself to face the things that make you uncomfortable you will remain wherever it is that you are right now.  Ask yourself if that's where you want to be forever, then decide to take action. 



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