Where your focus should be right now...

Jun 08, 2020

We're back! At least in most parts of the country, real estate sales are storming back with vigor. It's beginning to feel much like a normal summer marketplace, on steroids. And while that's a welcome sign of relief for a lot of us, it's important to keep our eye on the ball as things inch closer to normalcy. So where should your focus be right now?

For the eight weeks that our market was, more or less, shut down I preached the importance of continuing to build our pipeline. I knew there would be a rush of activity on the other side and I wanted to be prepared to get our unfair share. We were fortunate enough to put 26 homes under contract in the month of May. An incredible feat given the circumstances. 

But now we're facing the reality of the current landscape. Sellers are more hesitant than buyers. And as the rush dies down and we get back to a more balanced market, listings have become more important than ever. Leading with listings is what will get us back on pace, make up lost ground in March, and keep on on pace to meet our 2020 goals.

It's as simple as that for us, for all of us. If you haven't experienced a buyer rush in your market it's likely coming. But don't be suckered in by the illusion of the short term. You business will flourish or fail based on the amount of listings you take year in and year out. 

So if your lead generation efforts are not heavily focused on the listings side, make adjustments quickly, find consistency, and build from there.

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