Thriving in the new normal...

Apr 10, 2020

It feels like the days are bleeding together. I guess that's normal when you remove the spontaneity from daily life. We're still working - still living, still moving forward, but each day is oddly reflective of the last, at least aesthetically. It's this redundancy that's become our worst enemy.

The reality is this: a good portion of real estate professionals are struggling through this. They can't find it in themselves to keep putting in the work to make deals happen when world around them seems to be crumbling  in slow motion. But it's not for lack of resources. Real estate sales is a mental game. You have to find resilience when it feels like there's no point. You have to pivot when the market moves. Fortunately the adjacent industries seem to be pulling out all the stops to give real estate pros the support they need. Inspectors and appraisers have been deemed essential, title  companies are going virtual, we've even seen lenders close deals for furloughed borrowers after getting proper documentation from the employer. The tools and  resources at our disposal have never been more powerful.

So how do we thrive? How do we continue to grow in an environment where the public is nervous about the future and motivated leads are harder to come by? Here are a few strategies that top agents are employing right now.

Lean in to the Virtual Shift

Human beings are adaptive creatures and hate being confined. These two traits are the perfect combination for a buyer or seller currently in the marketplace. Virtual showings have never been easier to execute and can be done  with zero financial investment. Both buyer and seller, as well as their agents can easily jump on a call and do a thorough walkthrough of any home, and reap the benefits of having any questions answered from the other side in real time. Most showing scheduling services have already come out with a virtual showing option.


Broadcast Your Authentic Self

In case you haven't noticed, people are spending a LOT more time online these days. It can be easy to feel like sitting on the sidelines as the days drag on and feel less and less interesting. Fight that urge and get in there. This is the time to be stockpiling  content and connecting with your audience. Whether it's real estate related or not, get on the stage and start performing. Go live on Facebook and engage, find a niche and run with. This can be anything from how you're staying in shape to what books you're reading, there are no right answers. The more engagement you get the more content your audience will see from you. Then you can work the real estate conversation in as your audience grows.


Level Up

This is the time to grow your skill set. Whatever was missing in your business before because you just didn't have time to learn or execute, well, it's time now. Whether it's digital marketing funnels, client appreciation events, farming, starting a networking group. Whatever that missing piece is, now is the time to learn and implement. If we can spend seven hours watching a tiger documentary we can skill up in areas that matter.


Reach Out and Give Back

Your number one goal during this stretch should be to positively impact your community in any way that you can. Don't sit in the dark, get out there and see who needs your help and then take action. Millions of people have needs right now and we've got  the resources and relationships to help them. Everything from donating to furloughed workers fund, to printing 3D face masks, to starting community Facebook groups where people can exchange needs and resources.  We've seen these ideas executed at a high level and the karmic rewards are there in spades.

Now is not the time to sit back - get up, get loose and get in the fight!



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