This Is the Perfect Time For This Lead Gen Strategy

Jul 20, 2020

We are officially in the heart of summer. And while it may not be a conventional season, the market in most areas has been charging ahead. It should be the busiest time of year for real estate pros. But while we're stacking all the money we've made from summer closings and, hopefully, reinvesting a good portion in our businesses, there's one effective lead generation strategy that often gets overlooked as we get busier.

I'm talking about your sphere, of course, and they way in which you interact with it. As it should account for at least 50% of our closed transactions, it's tremendously important that we don't lose focus on our biggest pool of advocates during our busiest time of year.

We tend to overestimate how much our sphere is thinking about us. With their own lives to lead, problems to solve, and work to do, our supporters can move us to the back of the mindshare pecking order if we don't take direct and focused action to stay top of mind.

Especially in the case of global events that affect the lives of each individual differently, there is never a better time to make a personal touch. Send a card or gift, pick up the phone just to say hi, schedule coffee with as may people in your sphere as possible and reinvigorate those bonds.

Your sphere is truly the lifeblood of your business, and this is the time of year to lean into them rather than reprioritizing as we become busier. Make it a point to reconnect with someone today! 

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