The calm has passed - the storm is here...

May 11, 2020

Two months ago the real estate industry came to a grinding halt. Not really, but that's what a good portion of industry pros believed, and how many of us acted as we drew the curtains, contracted into the fetal position, and prayed for better days ahead. Reality is, there's been plenty of business to be had these last eight weeks. Yes, statistically things are down across the board, but so are non-quantifiable metrics like the amount of agents doubling down on their efforts and rising to the occasion while others look for the exit signs. So there have been few, if any, excuses not to step up our proverbial games. What's better, for most of the country, agents are now being rewarded for that perseverance.

The pinch has come and gone. Outside of some major metropolitan areas and hot spots, things are beginning to open back up, albeit slowly. The most important part of these small steps forward, at least as it regards real estate, is that market sentiment has turned decidedly positive. If there's anything that makes people want to move, it's being cooped up at home for sixty days. The buyers and sellers that had plans for the spring are finally pulling the trigger, in lockstep with those that organically would have been in the market at the current moment. 

This influx of delayed movement coupled with the rush of early summer business that we've come to expect this time of year has the market poised for a massive late second/early third quarter rush. For agents, that means that 2020 goals are still well within reach.

It may take a highly systematized approach, proper leverage, and an unwavering commitment, but this can and, for some, will be a record year in real estate. The question each of us needs to answer, is what we're willing to do to craft our reality.

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