Stop Throwing Money Away and Layer Your Approach

Jun 22, 2020

Traditional real estate marketing is dead. In the age of hyper-connectivity and influencer culture, what used to attract clients tends to fall short. Gone are the days where sending out a certain number of mailers would garner a predictable and consistent amount of phone calls, appointment and signed agreements. Things are more complicated now. And although that sounds a little glum, it's really a positive notion. If real estate marketing was easy, everyone would master it, and flatten the opportunities presented to those that crack the code. So how do we thrive in this new landscape?

Here's the thing. They way in which human beings communicate hasn't changed. We read, we talk, we hear. It's all the same. What's really changed is the level of immersion we've become accustomed to. We've accepted the fact, at this point, that to click on something online or give out our contact info is to open the door for an omnipresent blitz of content designed to entice us to take action. We're comfortable with it - we know the rules of engagement and behave accordingly. This is where most real estate professionals are falling short in their marketing efforts today.

Layers are the name of the game for marketers today. A single-channel approach is no longer effective. Prospects are only okay with multi-channel communication, they expect as consumer industries have perfected the craft. This is where you can improve your marketing game and set yourself apart from your competitors.

Whoever your audience, whatever your message - you have the tools required to execute a comprehensive multi-layered approach to your marketing. Take, for example, the farming mailers we mentioned earlier. That same list of residents can easily be loaded into a custom Facebook audience to run parallel ads that mirror the branding and message of the hard mail. When a prospect fills out the form for a free home valuation, an automatic text message campaign can kick off directly from your CRM. These are kinds of systems used by major corporations to fully immerse client with their message and branding, staying top of mind and guaranteeing that they are the first thought when a customer has a need.

Now is the time to start layering your approach. Your audience expects it, your competition is most likely behind in execution, and huge opportunities exist for those that go all in.


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