It's the Most Important Time of the Year

Oct 07, 2019

With the first sharp chill of fall, the crisp, clean air, it can be tempting for your mind to already start checking our for the year and looking forward to lazy holiday afternoons with friends and family, late mornings avoiding the increasingly cold weather outside and all the bad decisions to be made at vendor holiday parties. What's probably not running through your mind is that this is the most important three months of the year for real estate professionals. And that's not debatable.

Coasting through the fourth quarter will effectively demolish your chances of hitting next year's goals. There just simply isn't enough time to rebuild the momentum you need to maximize the busiest seasons and build the kind of pipeline that's going to cause your business to continue growing. The time to meet next year's clients is now. It's a time of year that tests your mental fortitude. We all want here and now business and all we seem to get are prospects insisting that they're holding off until the spring. Well, unless you plan on being out of business next spring, that's not a bad thing. Despite what scripts your broker or coach encourages you to use to get prospects to move more quickly, you shouldn't be worried about how far out they are. The agent that's worried about a prospect's timeline is one who's afraid he won't last that long. 

Forget trying to speed up the process, spring is right around the corner and you should be focused on making as many new contacts as possible in between now and then. This is now a here and now game, it's a lifelong pursuit. Stop wasting your winter months daydreaming  about how great next year is going to be. Now is the time to go out and earn it.

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