How Long Is Your Time Horizon? (And What Does That Mean For Your Lead Gen?)

Aug 31, 2020

Last week on the podcast we spoke, at length, about the kinds of automation we use for different types of lead generation strategies. You can check out the full conversation here.

To further the conversation, it's important, when strategizing around your lead generation setup, to understand your desired outcome and timeline. All leads are not created equal. They're subject to their own intent, as well as the kind of messaging they're responding to. And your nurturing process should be set up accordingly.

When creating a lead generation funnel it's important to start with the end in mind. If you're generating leads through a digital platform like Google Ads, for instance, it's good to know up front that there will likely be an elongated average follow-up period for these leads. So if you're looking for right now business that may not be the most fruitful route to go. If you're just getting up and running, try focusing more on sphere, expireds, FSBOs, open houses, or other forms of 'right now' business, and put money aside for a longer-term strategy.

If you're in team building mode, it's more beneficial to put in place something that has some longevity. Then you can build infrastructure around it, and create a system that your agents can find quick success in. 

Whatever your strategy, make sure it aligns with your short and long-term goals. The key to future success is build on what works today with something that will work tomorrow, and scaling from there.



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