How Clear is Your Vision?

Aug 10, 2020

Any typical year in the real estate business is bound to be littered with a bevy of goal setting workshops, business planning seminars or any variety of vision casting exercises. It's important, of course, to have a handle on these things. To know what it is you want to accomplish in your business and draw a map to get there. But although it seems we spend an inordinate amount of time working out the details and creating the "perfect" setup for our future selves, it's not often we ask ourselves who's drawing that map. What voice is telling us what we should want why?

It's been my experience that far too many entrepreneurs, in general, craft their vision for the future on entirely arbitrary benchmarks that mean very little in the broad scheme of things. And by the broad scheme of things, I mean one's search for true happiness and fulfillment. We imagine our future in terms of production for production's sake, extravagance for extravagance's sake, toys for toy's sake. With little, if any, thought put into what really makes us happy.

The further you get into this journey, the more you realize that numbers and things mean a lot less in terms of living a healthy and satisfying life than we probably think when we're getting started. Of course, we all have our vices, as well as personal attachments to our own specific sentiments that may shape some of our goals, but for the most part we do very little planning around the things that mean the most. Comfort, freedom, good company, flexibility of movement.

The massive home you're dreaming of is likely a liability, not an asset. Same goes for the Ferrari in your hypothetical driveway. Not that these things aren't awesome, or that you can't have them, or that they shouldn't be on your list of things to achieve. But they should be buried, way beneath the company you keep, the return on your time investment and your ability to do what you want, when you want, and with whom you want.

Life isn't happy when you're still working 80 hours weeks to pay for all the "stuff" you've acquired. Seek clarity around your life's vision and adjust your habits to seek fulfillment on a day to day basis. This takes time, meditation, and a lot of honesty. But it can be promised that the life of deep satisfaction and content is much closer to your grasp than you probably think.

Set time aside, get rid of the distractions. Think hard about your happiest moments, the ones that can only be described as pure joy. What did they involve? Who did they involve? What needs to happen to recreate them more often? What needs to happen for you to live in that world every day? 

This is how we should cast our visions. Not by making a list of all the cool shit we want to buy. Be honest with yourself, find your true center, and craft a vision that speaks to a world in which you can access it whenever you please.

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