Do This At Your Open Houses to Generate More Listings

Sep 23, 2019

I'm not going to lie to you and write some fluff piece about how holding mega-open houses is going to dramatically increase the chances of selling that particular listing. The truth is that open house traffic has slowed over the last decade, in part due to technology and the amount of information available online, and equally because of a  fundamental lack of effort the part of the average agent to properly market and host them. It's for this second reason that going above and beyond with your open house strategy can truly set you apart from the other agents in your area. But the benefits to your listing business are the real reason to knock it out of the park at every open house.

Think of an open house as three things: A marketing tactic to sell your listing, an audition for the neighborhood, and a chance to have a conversation with as many people in the community as possible. If you're not taking the last two seriously then you won't do the first one justice. You have an obligation, not only to your seller, but to yourself to do everything that  you can to make your open house a head turning community event.

That means you must do more than what's expected. The bare minimum for most agents is to put the open house in the MLS, show up five minutes beforehand and hope for the best. Your bare minimum is to call at least 500 and door knock at least 200 neighbors. In these conversations your goal is not only to spread the word about your open house, but to find more sellers in the neighborhood. At least very least you want to generate as many nurtures as possible, that's people who you have a secondary piece of contact info, like an email address, for. Get these people set up on a monthly market report that is extremely hyper-local, for example just their subdivision. This will allow you to stay in front of these people and become synonymous with real estate in their area. 

Make sure you put them on a systematic follow-up campaign and stay in touch with them regularly. If you were to generate 20 nurtures per open house and hold 6 per month, that's 1440 new people you've added to your database in a year and provided consistent value to. Convert 2% of those people per year and you've added nearly 30 deals to your bottom line. Simple. As. That.

Your seller will be pumped by your efforts, and you'll get a nice fat raise for putting in the work that most agents don't.

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